July 2017

2017  Solo exhibition. ” In connection with the island.”   Ahlbergshallen Art . Östersund, Sweden

June 2016

My serie of paintings ”Plots and Houses” is finished. It’s been going on since 2014.
They are inspired by the construction of the building, the plot maps and everythingelse that
followed when I built my coral stone house on the beach in Lamu, Kenya’s northern coast.
I like to paint there.

You can see some of the paintings from ”Plots and houses”  in the column ”Works”.
I am a constant returner to Lamu, with its strong Swahili culture, a World Heritage Site a
rare and very unique place.

”Olomouc ” Two man show. Exhibition with the photographer Rudolf Smahel.
In memorial of his 100th birthday anniversary.
November 2016 at the Embassy of Czech Republic.

1st prize in SAK´s Art lottery. Exhibition in October at Gallery Öst, The Royal Art Academy,
Stockholm, Sweden.
The Lamu Fort, Lamu Painters festival. Kenya.

November 2015

”How deep is The Ocean, how high is the sky?” Lamu Fort, Lamu Cultural Festival november 2015. New paintings from Lamu.  In this exhibition I let the boats and the Ocean tell the story.  Our lives can often be better told, become more useful for others in this way. All paintings in this exhibition are from Lamu, and done newly and never yet shown. Except for the series of five, The fifth Cardinalpoint, from 2011. These five paintings are the first complete works I did here in Lamu when I stayed  and worked three month as an Artist in Resident in the Factory, owned by Nicolais Logsdail, Lisson Gallery, London England. These five serve as a steppingstone and chain to the recent work also containing boats. The first and the latest, an idea that has been inspirational to me. One of the paintings are a work in progress, the one with three dhows. I believe it is good enough to show as it is, but will make a change later in the right down corner. I will close the water to make it even more concentrated and focused. I´ve been in Lamu for many years, my first time in 1997, visiting my Uncle Kjell Nordenskiold, Ngao Ya Kaskasini, who had a house here since 1972. He was deeply involved in the preservation of the Lamu Old Town, and he was assisted in mobilization of financial resource for the establishment of the Library at the Lamu Fort, restoration of the Swahili House Museum and made a personal donation of a boat for the use of Lamu Museum. He also played an active role of Lamu being a World Heritage Site. Then he died of old age and I and my daughter continued to travel from Sweden to Lamu countless of times. My connection and love for Lamu continued to grow and it came to a point when I decided to have a house in Lamu. So here I am a constant returner. I belong. It is easy for me to paint concentrated in this wonderfully visual place.   I thank the Lamu Museum for standing behind this exhibition in the Fort with my new Lamu paintings with theem from the Ocean.  LAMU November 2015-11-26 I will also participate in Lamu Painting Festival in Februari 2016.

August 2015

THE BOOK Working with the production of three originals of the 20 selected page spreads out of 100.   LIGHT Working continuously with this ongoing serie.   KENYA Three-month working trip to the island of Lamu located in the Indian Ocean on the north Kenyan coast. A place I continuously visit several times each year, whose visual environment has been very important for the development of my art. MY AFRICA is created there, 2011-2013. I started the series as a part of the ”Garden of Eden” showed at the Paa Ya Paa Art Centre in Nairobi, when I was artist in residence in Lamu at ”The Factory”  owned by Nicolas Logsdale who also is the owner and operator of  the Lisson Gallery in London.


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